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  • ALX-68BTi (kopia)

    Bluetooth hörselskydd med aktiv brusreducering. Välj med eller utan inbyggd komradio

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  • ComGuard

    Bluetooth ear protection with active noise reduction. Select with or without built-in combo radio

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  • Guardio Armet

    Protection helmet with MIPS, En397 certified

    A protective helmet that offers unique for your brain thanks to patented release made by KTH researchers.
    A smooth, comfortable and state-of-the-art helmet with good ventilation and a protective cap in kevlar to prevent scrap and other malfunctions from entering the helmet.
    The smooth steering wheel drive allows the helmet to fit most people in a smooth set. Equipped with 4-point chin strap, visor-fixed, fixed for headlamp and slider for horseshoe protection

    5,916 krex moms

  • Platshållare

    Guardio Armet

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  • Hygiensats

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  • Portabel laddare

    Portabelt batteri speciellt anpassat för våra hörselskydd. Laddningskabel medföljer

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  • VanGuard

    Aktiva hörselskydd med den senaste tekniken. Välj med eller utan intercomradio

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  • Vindskydd för mikrofon

    Divi Ships with a tone of great premad layouts to get you started with a hom page, a portfolio, an eCommerce Store front, and much more! Checkout the heme demo to preview a few of these.

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